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Cotton shopper bags: the aesthetic care and the quality of the workmanship

From bags with paintings to colored ones

The shopper bags have become, over the years, an increasingly sought-after day accessory. From the van gogh bags to the Mandala series, we have tried to give shape to a product that is simple and, at the same time, full of personality. For more details on the proposal and for purchases or customization, do not hesitate to contact us.

The workmanship, the style and the precautions towards our shopping bags

Functionality and style of the shopper bag

From shopping at the supermarket to what you need for a long day at work in the office, the shopper bag contains everything with a disarming simplicity. Without abandoning their practical spirit, the shoppers have traced down design more and more refined. It is precisely to celebrate this synthesis between functionality and beauty that we wanted to dedicate to them a collection in line with our aesthetic code as well as with our textile projects.

Colorful bags: workmanship quality and sturdiness

The shopper bag was elected by women as one of the most versatile accessories of everyday life. However, to avoid the handles to come off in the middle of the street, so that the bottom does not wear out in less than a season, it is essential to focus on quality materials. Our models are made of durable Panama cotton, have comfortable handles and reinforced seams. The dimensions are 42 cm by 47 cm in order to store as many items as possible.

Care for the washing of our designer bags

To preserve the bright colors of digital printing and the integrity of the fabrics, it is good to take care of our bags with due attention. First of all, we advise you to wash them exclusively at 40 degrees celsius in order to eliminate any residue of dirt between the yarn stitches (do not dry clean them). Iron with hot iron (3 points) and absolutely do not bleach the product at all.

For more details on the shopper bags in our collection, do not hesitate to call us

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