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Bed sheets

Bed sheets Made in Italy : The linen for the bedroom

Japanese style bed sheets and artworks bed sheets

The furnishing care also depends on the details. Sometimes, details that may seem insignificant conceal an extraordinary importance. This is why we wanted to create bed linen sets with a distinctive imprint. From the Mandala series to Author's Canvas series, our fabrics include pillowcases, duvet covers and bed sheets Made in Italy. Each of the products stands out for the quality of the fabrics, the originality of the prints and the sophisticated workmanship. Browse the images of our proposal and do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

From Klimt bed sheets to the oriental style bed sheets, quality and creativity

Refined finishes, colored sheets

No matter we talk about Mandala bed sheets or those that reproduce the works of Banksy, Van Gogh and Monet, the style remains always our priority. The products in the collection are in white cotton but we wanted to leave our signature to find a match. The applied border is distinguished by the digital print that incorporates the motifs and colors of the duvet cover and pillowcase in order to create a dialogue with all the elements of the bedding linen for the sleeping space. The goal is to pursue the style in all its forms and to enhance it in every detail.

Sheets with artwork prints and quality fabrics

When it comes to beddings, the quality of the fabrics is also very important. Our creations are in pure cotton which is a traditional material but still today unbeatable from the point of view of comfort and practicality. The yarn is breathable in order to promote the best thermal comfort during rest. Furthermore, the care we dedicate to the finishes is the basis of those items that last over time, wash after wash.

biancheria per letto matrimoniale

Double bed sheets and single bed sheets

We have designed and created collections that are able to satisfy all the needs of our customers. Our offer includes sheets for the king size bed sheets, as well as those for single or queen size bed mattresses. More specifically, the dimensions are as follows: 150 cm by 280 cm (single size); 180 cm by 280 cm (queen size); 240cm by 280cm (king size). Our staff remains available to the customer to evaluate the possibility of tailor-made creations.

Bed sheets sets : the bed linens sets for bedrooms

As already mentioned, our goal is to create a coherent set for the bedding of the sleeping area. Therefore, the bed sheet can be combined with the pillow cases, with the duvet cover and with the quilt whether light or heavy. Browsing through the pages of the site, you will be able to appreciate the Collections: Mandala, Author’s Canvas, Street Art and Percalle. We remain at your complete disposal to suggest the most suitable models according to the style of your furnishing.

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