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Duvet covers

Single and double bed duvet covers in pure cotton: style and breathability

The fabrics for the sleeping area, the tailor-made duvet cover

More and more people are choosing the duvet instead of the quilt. The convenience of this solution widely spread in Central and North European countries has also made its way in Italy. Whilst at one hand this alternative choice has no functional flaws, the aesthetics can make some people feel uncomfortable. For this reason, we have thought of creating a collection of design for single and double bed duvet covers. The items are 100% made of cotton, ensuring maximum breathability and resistance to washing. The dimensions of the standard models are as follows: 155 cm by 200 cm; 200 cm by 200 cm; 250 cm by 200 cm. Beyond the measures listed above, each product has a 40 cm of flap. For information regarding bed covers sets and to deal with our staff, contact us by the e-mail form.

Digital printed duvet cover: our designs

biancheria per letto matrimoniale

The Author’s Canvas duvet cover

From the klimt duvet cover to the Van Gogh duvet cover, thanks to innovative printing techniques, we have reproduced the most famous masterpieces of several great artists. Monet’s expressiveness, Raphael’s harmony, Kandinsky’s abstractions are just some accents of style you can add to your bedroom. Scroll through the images to find the Master who best matches with your character.

The Mandala double bed duvet cover

Among spirituality and ethnic design, the Mandala duvet covers are eccentric elements, with a substantial impact on the furnishing style of the sleeping area. As far as we know, these are not for everyone, but those who appreciate their aesthetics will certainly know how to enhance their living space: an oriental note capable of transmitting positive energies.

biancheria per letto matrimoniale
biancheria per letto matrimoniale

The Percalle colored duvet cover

We propose one of the most classic fabrics with plain weave and without graphic forcing. The Percalle collection stands out for its very fine and compact medium weight yarn, with a smooth hand. Combed and monochromatic cotton is able to dialogue with any type of living space, softening its features.

The Street Art original duvet cover

The concept of art has always been under the magnifying glass of our design laboratory. In addition to the great Masters mentioned above, we aimed to pay a homage to the most famous of contemporaries. The Street Art collection is a tribute to Banksy’s works, it is a proposal that knows how to get appreciated in the bedrooms of children and young couples.

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