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The Plaid sofa cover: when fabrics become symbols of everyday life

Much more than a simple blanket

If there is an element of the house that immediately manages to synthesize the idea of everyday life, intimacy and warmth of the home, this is certainly the Plaid. Instead of a simple blanket, the Plaid dresses in warmth the sofa which becomes the refuge for all of us during cold winter evenings. We wanted to extend the Mandala, Street Art and Author's Canvas series also to this product and, below, we try to describe it better. For information and quotes, do not hesitate to contact us by phone.

Furnish the living area with sophisticated fabrics and materials

The microfiber Plaid and its characteristics

Our Plaid is made of cashmere microfiber. Softness to the touch is essential to restore those sensations of comfort that we all seek when it comes to creating a moment of relaxation. At the same time, the synthetic material warms up and, after washing, dries quickly. There are two sizes: 120 cm by 150 cm; 150 cm by 180 cm.

Printing on Plaid: the color notes of our proposal

As we have already written before, our lines are taken also from the sofa blanket. Once again, Mandala series investigates oriental graphic signs and color combinations with a positive energy. Street Art and Author’s Canvas reproduce the masterpieces of contemporary and classical art. All prints are made digitally with hypoallergenic and resistant inks.


Double size Plaid coordinated with the fabrics

As for the bathroom linen and the bedroom linen, also the fabrics of the living room can be coordinated. Both the sofa cushions and the decoration panels are able to dialogue with the Plaid to create an aesthetic continuity of the living area. For any modification, you can contact our staff directly.

Washing and conservation of the Plaid

To preserve the bright colors of the blanket and avoid an excessive stress of the materials, attention should be paid when washing it. First of all, set the washing machine to 30 degrees Celsius. We recommend you not to use bleach nor dry clean. Also, please avoid the use of the drying machine.

For more information on the Plaid and our furnishing fabrics, do not hesitate to call us

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