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Polo Ovest

The polo ovest tradition on production and sale of household linenPolo ovest was born from the experience and ambition of several families who, since the beginning of the twentieth century, have been present in the textile sector. The company had the capacity of renewing itself in order to continue to offer new articles and services regarding the production and sale of household linen. Our refined and exclusive textile products are designed to embellish domestic environments as well as accommodation facilities. In fact, we have always paid a particular attention to the needs of the hotel sector. For further details and for customization, do not hesitate to contact our office.

House linen producers: our history

All of our home linen products are 100% made in Italy. They are the result of an accurate work process handed down from generation to generation. The artisan tradition is, in fact, a pillar of our offer. At the same time, however, we remained up-to-date and curious about the new processing techniques. The digital printing, above all, has allowed us to renew the style of our collections and to face up to a European market facilitated by online sales tools. In addition to the production and sales phases, we can count on the work of the Internal Style Office for the development of customized items.

Hotel linen and household linen: the work phases

We take care of all the working phases, from design to the shipment of the orders

  • Design and customization: the Style Office develops the collections and makes any design changes.
  • Weaving: we realize the fabrics and the models in cotton, polyester/cotton, polyester, linen, mixed linen and other materials.
  • Finishing and printing: we take care personally of the decorative phases such as bleaching, finishing, printing and ennobling.
  • Packaging: we undertake the packaging and shipping of the order to your home.

Textile products and aesthetic research for well-finished environments

Our offer ranges from tablecloths to made in italy duvet covers. When we think of a collection, we start from the goal of shaping a coherent set of textile products. That is to say, finding a common thread that links each article to the other. The ethnic and oriental style decorations of the Mandala series, the masterpieces of Author’s Canvas and Street Art, the large chromatic backgrounds of Percalle are designed to embellish the rooms, to create organic and suggestive atmospheres.

For information on the polo ovest production and sale of household linen, please contact us

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