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The Polo Ovest proposal of art quilt and colored quilt for the winter season

The quilt: protagonist of double beds and single beds

The canvases of the great painters of the past are the protagonists of our collection of quilts and duvets. Raphael's cherubs, Monet's Japanese bridge and water lilies, Klimt's The Tree of Life and The Three Ages of a Woman, Kandinsky's Yellow Red Blue, Hokusai's Great Wave, Van Gogh's Starry Night over the Rhone: these are the masterpieces that have inspired our collections. Scrolling through the images you can find the model that best matches with your aesthetic preferences. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

From the queen size quilt to the king size one


The king size quilt for the winter season

We want to pay particular attention to the winter quilt and its characteristics. This product is made with a polyester wadding of 300 grams per square meter. The fabric is 100% pure cotton and, as mentioned, reproduces the pictorial canvases thanks to the digital printing. The three standard models have the following sizes: 180 cm by 260 cm; 220 cm by 260 cm; 260 cm by 260 cm.

Wedding quilts for spring season: the characteristics

The mid-season quilt is also filled with polyester wadding. However, in this case the density is 100 grams per square meter – ideal in autumn and spring. The external part is once again in pure cotton with digital printing. The dimensions are identical to those of the previous paragraph and are designed for single beds, queen size beds or double size beds.

biancheria per letto matrimoniale

Quilt shop: customization and shipments

We have always dealt with the customer to understand their needs and, where possible, customize the items according to the needs. This service is required particularly by the managers of accommodation facilities who intend to diversify their proposal. By contacting us, you can evaluate all the different solutions with our staff.

Washing the quilt and storing it in the closet

These are the instructions for washing the winter or mid-season quilt: wash at 30 degrees Celsius; do not bleach; do not dry clean; do not iron; it is possible to dry drying. Once dried, keep the quilt in a vacuum so that it can be reused immediately at the beginning of the season.

For information on quilts and winter quilts, do not hesitate to write to us

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