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Bathroom towel set and beach towels: the Polo Ovest proposal

The coordinated bathroom linen set

While the bedroom fabrics are the core business of Polo Ovest, over the years we have wanted to expand our proposal including the bathroom linen. Thus, the idea of creating coordinated towel sets, shower towels and beach towels was born. We have continued to draw inspiration from the history of art and oriental aesthetics to give shape to products that are appreciated for the quality of the materials as much as for the design. Bring a touch of color to your living space, scroll through the images of our towels that can be purchased online.

The bathroom linen: characteristics and quality

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Special towels: materials and characteristics

As already mentioned, each of our products moves from the search for valid materials. The bathroom linen set is made of 100% colored cotton terry, it stands out for the finishing of the edges with digital printed decorative elements. The sizes vary from 60 cm by 100 cm up to 40 cm by 60 cm. On the other hand, the beach towels are larger (100 cm by 150 cm).

The shower towel and the bathroom towels set

The bathroom linen must be designed to enhance the environment. This means choosing the bath towels set in accordance with the furnishing style. Mandala, Street Art and Author’s Canvas Collections trace different aesthetic principles for which it is worth spending a few more reflections. Our staff is at disposal for customers in order to advise and illustrate the characteristics of the collections.

Online towels : from purchase to delivery

As already mentioned, we are at customer disposal, whether an individual or an accommodation facility. During the comparison we will inform you about delivery times and costs. Furthermore, we can evaluate together the possibility for products’ customization. This service is particularly useful for hotels that want to highlight their brand image on hotel linen.

For further information on towels, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a quotation

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